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As with his posters and stamps, Games designed his symbols so that they worked small as well as large. This was true with his seminal symbol for the 1951 Festival of Britain. He detested the term ‘logo’, which was often a misnomer. He designed numerous emblems, symbols and corporate identities. He said that "corporate identity is only a matter of use." The condensing of a company's ethos into one ubiquitous symbol that triggers an association means that even 'a black hole would mean something eventually'.


In 1953 Games won a competition to design the first animated television ident for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He made a working model from piano wire, brass and flashing lights, which was filmed and set to harp music. The public fondly nicknamed it the 'Cock-eyed Wonder', 'Bat Wings', 'the Roving Eye' and

'the Thing'.

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